Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The first Aboriginal supermodel in the world

'Why bother with a new blue-eyed blonde was a model?', She Samantha Harris 19-year-old girl from a tribal country divided Kanguru Share the journey to the catwalk.
Samantha's mother was among those in the "stolen generation" (Stolen Generation). She was forced to leave because my arms parents have dark skin. Now, her daughter, Sam her slender stature, big round eyes and plump cheeks King also features children has become a super model come first successful Aboriginal people in the world when 19 years old .Samantha has appeared in Australia and the Fashion Week show of confidence on the catwalk design of 18 famous designers. Sam is also the Aboriginal supermodel was honored Monday appeared on the cover of prestigious fashion magazine Vogue Elaine George since 1993.

Samantha Harris on the cover of Vogue Australia.
Shows no embarrassment before the fans get out of Australia Fashion Week, where they placed her on the Top Model, Samantha sincere sharing "a child, I wondered why any have blond hair, blue eyes can make good a model?. Aboriginal origin is very meaningful to me. I want to become a role model for Aboriginal girls who want to pursue another dream of flying high. "
Beautiful series of pictures of 19 year old supermodel Samantha Harris

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