Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Map coordinate nicely with Mayo Wo

A bit girly, a bit of 'grandmother', a chair seat and a little bit cute ... - It was her impression blow your ears lovely.
Wo Mayo currently lives in Hong Kong and the monologue on his personal blog, Mayo pursue fashion style balance between sweet and rebellious. In most combinations of the Mayo outfit, you always found her a couple of irregular points, different from how people usually apply, but amazingly, they did not reflect the experience but also personality features added.

Mayo has often said when introducing a scheme, it is: a little feminine, a little "grandma", a chair seat and a little bit cute ..

A gentle style game with deep color. The favorite teen girl fashion classic style certainly can not ignore the map as a coordinator in the image on the Mayo.
Pink skin with many other colors her work with Mayo harmonious, loving strokes back online, absolutely feminine. This scheme is suitable for summer days ahead.
The highlight of this scheme is pink socks knee high fancy and audacious ... You dare not look like her? 
Style lace dress with a lovely material, sure I do not need much comment it?
Dam bi white dots pink skin, soft material veil. Skin color is pink suit even if she was wheeled secret skin.
Safe in the classic blue blend very Japanese.
In the cool evening weather, you can look like this to stroll with friends.
Beautiful is what I exclaimed when this outfit combinations. Patterned stockings help your skin to hide less of the short skirt.
A little Japanese Lolita 
 Cone flower lovely lace wrap.
Amenities Africa

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