Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prayer for Japan

Teen has collaborated to design and dress up on the website, hope their prayers come true.

Terrible disaster to happen to make Japan shocked the world. The teens all over the world have used the language of clothing in order to contribute to pray for Japan to overcome the color of the tsunami victims and nuclear.

On many Web sites about fashion, teen clothing has collaborated to design and up to the website, hope their prayers come true:

You ANU P age 19 from Jona with self-made shirts with messages Pray for Japan. 
Chloe A, 17, who now lives in Minnesota with a coat of DYI Pray for Japan. 
Hanna from Mamila, 21, blend together outfits themed "Girl little Bushido" to pray for Japan. 
"Everything will be alright" by Melannie, 19, lives in Aatherlily. 
Anna S, 19, currently lives in Barcelona. 
Wahyu teen boy, 16, came from Indenesia. 
A sample of teen clothing Vietnamese charity. 

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