Thursday, March 10, 2011

Britney Spears makes fans crazy

Audiences love music never ignore the music projects that bring Britney Spears to. Her new song called Hold It Against Me has just launched Mad Island fans.

This song by two production name Max Martin and Dr. Luke is to create the first cannon 7th album of Britney Spears going to release this March.
Hold it Against Me album cover of Britney Spears
Western press can be identified within the Britney Spears failure life but her music never goes down. This completely basis when the song has appeared on radio and on iTunes not long, series of positive feedback is sent. "It's great! Goddess Music pop is back, this is an exciting start this year with the fans (Fan) loyalty of Britney. " It is a broad review of the auditorium Illustration for the new single disc of Britney songs Hold it Against Me. About expertise for this song 4 stars on a scale of 5.
MC Ryan Seacrest popular writing on personal website that: "She (Britney) has practiced hard on the choreography for a new video this month and it will be back in two weeks. " Sure, Britney fans will go mad when MV (video clip) Hold it Against Me are village in the future.    
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