Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kelly Brook to dance with glasses

American celebrity with the sexiest curves to impress the world map catsuit and fashion eyewear.

30-year-old beauty is its face to the glass SpecSavers. Through a series of pictures of Kelly Brook, SpecSavers want to attract attention from the public campaign to find "the best years of wearing glasses."
Brook himself said: "I always felt jealous of the beautiful people who wear glasses. For me, sunglasses are a fashion accessory and a great way to create focal points for my style. Especially when they appear on the red carpet, eyeglasses can be combined perfectly with a long evening dress. I love men with glasses. There are people you can not imagine how they would face without glasses, such as Alan Carr, Chris Evans. Glasses become their trademark.
I have a very nice pair of glasses bought at shops in London. Danny Cipriani and my boyfriend were arguing vehemently about who is wearing glasses. Finally, I must admit that Dan looks so cute with his glasses on his face. "

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