Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Claudia Schiffer - Pregnant beauty

Despite turning the four weeks, despite being pregnant, blonde supermodel still very neat and attractive in a series of photos on German Vogue.

Long legs born in 1970 had two kids, a boy, a girl with a husband film producer Matthew Vaughn. Return in January this year, Claudia officially declared her family members have more chatter about Tuesday. Expected, the beautiful and the husband will welcome this good news in May.
On the cover of Vogue magazine in June edition in Germany, Claudia Schiffer lift off costumes, showing off pregnant. This is the only picture she looks to expose a pregnant woman is preparing to give birth. Series of images remaining, if no information about Claudia, it's hard to imagine her a third time moms by appearance and facial contours supermodel still no sign of "degrading".

Claudia Schiffer image beams on German Vogue June

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