Thursday, March 10, 2011

American and Vietnamese workers go home in about international competition

Nominee is rejected!

In fact, many times the face has been promising units "to eyes, "but this beauty hardly indifferent to what the honor to represent Vietnamese beauty "bring the ring to fight the country."

If counting down a list of Vietnamese fine ever denied the national beauty contest economy must start from Miss Phan Thu Ngan (Miss Vietnam 2000) from when she declined to become the first representative of Vietnam at the Miss Universe competition 2001.

Miss             Phan Thu Ngan had caused much regret refusing Miss Universe 2001 contest.
Next, beautiful people up the sympathy of the general public, Miss Ngo Phuong Lan (Miss World Vietnamese 2007) also twice rejected the Miss World contest (2007 and 2008) because own reasons. Intelligence, charm of Phuong Lan is appreciated and She hopes viewers will "be something" in the international competition, but Wu Phuong Lan has decided to "reject."

One case is that Miss Tourism Vietnam 2008 Phan Thi Ngoc Diem when she the "eye" in many beauty contest. The first was in 2008, after the coronation Miss Tourism Vietnam Ngoc Diem became the best candidate to attend the Miss Earth 2008 held in the Philippines, but she was unable to competition due to many reasons. In 2009, she continued to have the name of nominees the two largest planets contest is Miss Universe and Miss World, but with the Miss Universe contest Ngoc Diem refused by busy formal learning, and competition Miss World 2009 is unexplained.
Ngoc Diem             after the Miss Tourism International 2008 refused the Miss             Universe 2009.
Phan Nhu Thao beautiful face Whether nominated to participate in Miss International 2009 but not officially attend and give this opportunity for Miss Sport Tran Thi Quynh. In 2010, Phan Nhu Thao was elected to continue the Miss Vietnam Global 2010, but the This beautiful still refused.

Miss Vietnam Women through photos Duong Thi My Linh has also refused to represent Vietnam to attend Miss World 2009. Talking about the reasons for refusal My Linh has said: "If selected to attend Miss World contest, it is the honor of any anyone. But the film business and my plans are too spree so fortunate to be selected though, I also had denied .. ".

In 2010, Vietnam was absent in the arena in 2010 when Miss Hoan Vu Thanh Constant ki spoke after she refused to become the only candidate in Vietnam was nominations. This caused much regret because the fans are in Thanh Hang maturity and experience of beauty, she is more likely to shine in competition This beauty school.
As User,             Ngo Phuong Lan, My Linh has no grace with the national beauty contest             International.
Who wish to attend, bored of the game guys!

Recently, Mai Phuong Thuy has confirmed no contest Miss Universe 2011 and any beauty contests any more, her "reputation" before you have to make nominations opportunities for others: "Vietnam has now developed many new faces expectations. Thuy think investors should focus and training to help you and Vietnamese beauty Male shine. Thuy was crowned long have fulfilled obligations advertise Vietnam into the international picture. Thuy think I should now dedicated to doing good contribution to society, for the country in a different way more practical .... "
Mai Phuong             Thuy decided not to participate in beauty contest anymore?
Earlier, reigning Miss Vietnam Dang Thi Ngoc Han in 2010 and have raised will not attend Miss 2010 if the world were nominated. Each sub-ceiling Ngoc Han: "Right now, I'm very busy. October is a great festival of 1000 year Thang Long, and end in October is a contest Miss World 2010. If the two events involved, I'm afraid that not enough effort. Personally, I think, great festival of the new millennium is a time, Miss World contest in always have. Without Miss World this year, I can take the exam on years later. If selected, I will give priority to the great festival of 1000 year Thang Long .. ".
However, many people still beautiful expressed enthusiasm for the beauty contest, they were ready to "hit the road" if the subject election.
Ngoc Han             will attend the Miss World 2011?
"If you are invited to contest suitable properties, arrange my time, I was still happy to participate. " That is the answer of Miss Chung Thuc Quyen interview posted on a implementation problems after she returned to "white hands" at the Miss International 2010, previous beauty contest has been Tourism Queen International 2008 and Miss 2009 Super States!

But with the beautiful Thai Ha each exam Tourism Queen International 2009, she still would continue to try their luck in a beauty contest international. She is not shy He answers: "Many thought at Hanoi, the price they can afford a beauty contest country again, I will certainly be better is to bring glory to Vietnam ...".
Thuy runner             Vy will be agreed dreams to conquer the new competition?
More recently, 2010 runner 2 HHTGNV Thuy Vy Victoria also expressed an intention to represent the war in Vietnam contest Miss Universe and Miss Earth this year. After Diem Kieu Huong Khan has had an opportunity, Thuy Vy also want played in the prestigious beauty contest credit: "I would love to represent the country beauty contest. It is a good opportunity to I communicate, learn, make friends with my friends from different continents as well as introduce their country to the world. I enjoyed the Miss Universe contest, Miss Earth. If you have a chance next year and was nominated, I was willing to arrange time time to participate .... "

This year, the sixth largest beauty contest in the system has not captured the Grand Slam head. This is an opportunity for us to "choose to send in gold," beautiful people best suited, most promising to send to the international competition. Never beauty Vietnam was noticed and appreciated as at this time in an international beauty contest. Hi prospects, who are responsible for the appointment of the international contest will light pleased fans and help Vietnam increasingly higher positions on a map entitled international identity.

According AFP

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