Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oral contraceptives may increase the next one?

Linh Quan Oh, I see many people say that the Pill increases the size of a ring, right? From puberty until now my chest is very small. I also do a lot of ways, such as swimming, aerobic exercise, eating more fat but without results. I'm thinking of "dosage" birth control pills (although I have not had a boyfriend). Consulting help me! (Thao, 18, Hanoi)


Dear User,
Linh Quan's advice in this case is not at all. The Pill is one method of contraception that women often used to prevent conception. It only works blockade of ovulation, which prevents conception rather than a measure to increase the size of round 1.
Each will have different stages of puberty. Last 18 years you should not worry too much. Because at this stage, you do not see a lot of "breasts" of his growing up in size, but at the end of puberty (which many extend to 25 years) - a measure of 3 rounds will have significant difference clear.
You will be surprised at a girl becomes his round Pole line hardware slimming and graceful. Even children too, and please consider it as a reward for the wait, right!
I've worked harder this sport is very well, because even without the ability to make larger breasts, but can cause chest exercise more. In addition I also noticed a little to the diet - not just eating more fat will rise to the first bust. By many as gaining weight, fat salary will be concentrated in the thighs, and stomach and not "breasts", so we'll maintain a balanced diet to protect health, me!

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