Wednesday, March 23, 2011

fashion 2011

Austrian stroke patterns (Doodle Prints) is becoming one of the vignettes are so many types teengirl "headhunted", especially the T-shirt designs in the coming summer. Unlike animated vignettes (Cartoon Prints) raw format is adapted from the characters lovable and popular. Texture paint again dominant than owning the shape, the colorful paint looks like from the unique inspiration of the designers. Thus, you can easily select the style for each star is right for you!


Funny drawings simulating the shape, fruit, until all the character is "cool" again, make sure that any teen girl can not be overlooked with this cute shirt. With designs like this shirt, you do not need to fret too much when selecting costumes mix together. With jeans, shorts or skirts are beautiful legs.

Punk style is known from the 1980s in Europe and inspired by the music exciting, bold and rebellious nature fairly eccentric line of Punk Rock. But style is not too much is known about the time before, but today's punk style was "manipulation" and can produce many different types, to suit each audience loves fashion: Street Punk, Glam Punk, Pop Punk, Dance Punk ...


Referring to the Punk style, do not forget to mention the colors of the mainstream fashion lines such as: black, red, white ... Also, the costume accessories (all kinds of advice, belts, necklaces and hand-beaded, jeweled nails or sharp metal balls ...) as well as hair style is unique signs to your can identify a third loss nowaday! Punker!

Avril still loyal to the style Punk, Pop Punk typical (using many more colors to mix costume) and also bring them closer to their fans. 
A disruptive mix of punk style 
3. Why is love vignettes dot ball
The rise of the fashion collection show hot spots of the patterns in the compassionate fashion trends spring / summer 2011. From the cute feet spread skirts, dresses inflate immediately arranged for the body to break the shirt ...

Taylor Swift graceful dress red dot ball. 
Katy Perry with a ball point blue lagoon. 
You can coordinate bi dot dress like this to look feminine and soft. 
This pattern occurs primarily in the shirts. You can look for the shirt to school or traveling with friends, combined with a maxi skirt or jeans. Will look very "dust" it. To increase the "level" mischievous, you should leave the collar open wide and forced two first lap.

Caro shirts who bring personality features for active girls.
Vintage craze always had great appeal for teens. Flower patterns appear more shirts and skirts on the mainland. In this weather, when you remember the cardigan with a shirt to increase the kute for costumes nhé!

Vintage vignettes never outdated. 

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