Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Her tent" charm boasts slim waist

No winner is the highest in Vietnam Idol, but with a stop at the Top 3 of the competition also helped Britain become Tents The idol in the heart of many viewers.

Appeared in the latest images of pristine white dress, the audience once again admire the images a "woman" luxurious, noble and serious - The British pavilion.
After Vietnam Idol, "her tent" does not return to Japan as many people predicted that the decision to stay in Vietnam, officially, by pursuing a professional singing.
Physical property light the stage with a strange voice singing and passion burning, "her tent" is a promising young singer of Vietnamese showbiz.
The first music product that "her tent" will be sent to the audience after the Vietnam Idol is a music video songs I still love. This is a song about romantic love story of "her tent" during live and work in Japan.
Besides, this is the song as a thank you that "her tent" to the audience for supporting her in all this time. MV This song will send fans into coming here in April.
Next, in May, "Her tent" will also introduce audiences to both his musical projects. A CD titled Pantoneincludes eight colors, each color is a story about love, life, the vicissitudes of life a girl ...
Besides the first musician Pham Tuan Khai (songwriter known for songs Heart sidelines) Will be awarded for "her tent" 8 CD's work in the tent and "her tent" is the first female singers cover songs Hearts on the sidelines.In this album, composer Pham Tuan Khai will appear together in a tent Phuong Anh duet of the song.
‘Chị Lều’ khoe eo thon quyến rũ

‘Chị Lều’ khoe eo thon quyến rũ

‘Chị Lều’ khoe eo thon quyến rũ

‘Chị Lều’ khoe eo thon quyến rũ

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