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Blooming fashion wear "swim pants" on stage

Into the mainstream, fashionable shorts super bundle rain as the wind is short on theatrical music. Teen singer, U30, and both U40 and "bon chen" show long legs ...
Trend of wearing super blunt children "(looks like ... swimwear) seems to continue booming in 2011 in the world ca PhD. Evidence is recently most of the music, audience authors are "chronic labeled" at least one to two young singers with "military swim up the yard discount, combined with the extremely sexy dancing. So, is it in music program at present, factors considered to be more focused on the hearing should be open to singers, to be short for "Smoking" audience?
Ho Ngoc Ha, singer "pioneer" in             ultra-short-pants trend. Photo:
Showing breast fed, transferred to red feet!
To be fair, many singers a standard body, while the elongated legs of the shorts will briefly to fully show off his strengths. However, some will even have legs slightly shorter, slightly to the thigh, is still very strong and confident the extra short shorts so ... it does not want to lose her leg because of poor children. Photos of the singer on stage so that many viewers feel uncomfortable and offensive. The instrument is sure "nice cover showing a bad back," but the show will also be at How is the beautiful, how is not enough just to be nice by showing that for all ...
As a sample transferred fisheries physician and was dubbed "beautiful singing," Ho Ngoc Ha identify the physical world their own, should always choose the style costumes under tight short to medium design and religion has been showing long legs "free man." The evidence is program Find a dream Vo stage (Hanoi) on 8 / 1 the past, despite freezing weather outside, the singer still display song and dance show with costume jumper tight, very short ... interesting lead to "loss."
Minh Hang and super short pants             on stage. Photos:
Always appeared on the pitch Photos credited with quite sexy, in a recent program, wore Minh Hang pants ... trousers similar chip controls audience response but then she insists is "not unsympathetic" to reason "has come a Double high boot. "Yen Trang young singer hinted that no candid statement is going to go sexy style. So, audiences often see Figure Her photos do not appear to be shorter pants or tight clothes show all round.

Currently, numerous other young artists also tend to run another race "swimwear" as: Yen Nhi, Nhi Dong, Confucius Quynh, Crystal, Ngan Khanh, Thuy Tien, Maya, Uyen Thao ... Sister to the singer Hien Thuc, Ngo Thanh Van, Thu Minh, Phuong Thanh ... also turn your name to this list.

Audiences "by the" legs ...

Discuss this very short pants of the stars on these forums are always online lively. For such people is nothing terrible, that the country stars wore out the world or even more daring. However, some others do not support, such as nick letuananh20 shared on a show Forum: "See the shorts, the singer also ... but look really happy eyes This shows the singer wearing teen, the singer wore U30, U40 to both races as well as the results multiples of the eye and offensive! "Even some even expressed concern, such as nick thaonguyenvang states: "Every situation is only a few years, Vietnamese star is par ... Lady. "
Ngo Thanh Van and costumes             "During the short, blunt below."
This dress style is always making people shake their heads back to back. Ms. Lan Anh (in the North means of collective Tan, Hanoi, Vietnam) that lost money buying tickets to see the music program but never felt more respected when the singer on stage wearing a coat tiny, only cover half the population .. third round, both dancing and singing, even lies both on stage as on ... bed at home. These remarks somewhat rigid but is not worth thinking about when the real International, the singer's fashion increasingly scrambling criteria slimmer, shorter better, more open. Meanwhile, Dr. Vu Ngoc Hien (at Khuong Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) said quite urgent, "I do not understand why people can wear costumes like that on stage, not to mention the be nice or not but I saw not polite at all. " Clearly, ca artists who work culture, they expressed their voices on stage from sing until the image needs to have cultural, as there is a public Maybe artists should choose a dress of course beautiful, but also must have had eyes the public.
Discuss this issue, he Pham Dinh Thang, head of Management of music performances and theatrical tapes and discs (Department of Performing Arts) said today never had a clearly defined Of course the costumes of the artists performing in public must have the short, how much longer. All the bases now rely on Decree 103 Government issuing the Regulation on cultural activities and cultural services public good. Accordingly, regulation of the participants performing arts, fashion is not used costumes or makeup are not consistent with fine traditions of the nation, when performances are not behavior lack of cultural or vulgar statements, inappropriate.
Phuong Thanh and singer of the top "road             She "was the short shorts
However, this is only general rules, if applied in particular to determine default artist How (open to start, short to first) is contrary to the fine traditions of Vietnam culture is very difficult. Even for those cases exaggerated, public reaction was fierce, the authorities must also consider carefully thoroughly before handling decisions. Thang said the most decisive factor still depends on the lifestyle, thoughts, awareness of cultural, aesthetic and direction virtue of the artist. Thus, in addition to training professional knowledge, the Artists also need to continuously improve the cultural, aesthetic thinking to actually and become worthy of the public.

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