Wednesday, March 23, 2011

America's fresh Hollywood pretty short hair

You are uncomfortable because the air muggy summer? Take a cool beam images of the world's top stars with short hair young.

Winona Ryder short hair with a few very light wavy curls naturally blind to delete the forehead, seems to bring gently to her delicate face.
Katie Holmes short hair to cover the roof with eyebrows as if to conceal the mysterious beauty from the eyes.
Remove the roof long before the natural bending momentum down a stylized beauty parotid Kimberly Stewart.
Selita Ebanks with quite short hair style fancy: a short cut styles son party, a party to the roof overhanging the face.
Yellow short hair brought to Hilary Swank youthful, mischievous as a hyperactive kid.
Short hair combed smooth, bunched up on the roof of wild nature, the personality of Rihanna.
Halle Berry with short curly hair claw acacia was buckled up looking pretty fancy and impressive.
Victoria Beckham always been known as a pretty cool hair short and stylish.
Sienna Miller's short hair in a movie.
Smooth straightening hair styles of the sub-directory wealthy Paris Hilton.
Keira Knightley short hair style "tomboy."
Hai Linh
According to Xinhua

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