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Midu shared secret to keep the natural beauty

The slender beauty of Vietnamese movies, said she is very proud of myself, and would not intend to modify what her parents had given.
Midu shared secret to keep the natural beauty
Midu breeze gentle beauty on the street.
After a period of concentrated learning. Midu recently completed his role in the TV Hyacinthdaughter's son . The female lead in the first movie Midu God destined heroes are rushing to finish up the filming for release in 2012 Lunar New Year.
Fortunately, most of the time Midu participating art was received in audience as an actor, not a "mobile vase." Each of her performance more or less to the mark. That happens in part because of hard work and the preparation of her in each role. If the film C cell Parody, Midu to find out how a wife, a mother from books, life around ... to play for "sweet" is in  God destined hero, Midu to martial over the last few months to all the action scenes, fights are dangerous because she made ​​without a stuntman.
Hence, the body of Midu scratched a lot but she is always happy to see "the available" to keep the secret beauty.
 An actor as she must constantly be in the sun, dust ... She will protect your skin how to avoid the harmful stimulus?
- In these scary, I fear most is dust, because the dust affects the skin but also makes me very inflamed sinus headache, so I always try to avoid dust protection and wherever possible. In hot weather it almost every day I would be exposed, in the time to work, or go back, go to school so I'm not trying to whiten skin care that focuses only smooth the skin from the inside by eating more fruit and drink water. Disclosed to you about a secret from her that I was afraid to drink water and eat vegetables, but now have to keep health and beauty should have a habit of drinking water, but they still do not eat vegetables should make up for covered with fruit.
Do you use skin care cosmetic?
- Yes, but not many, and especially I use all these products  is very common but extremely high performance and never allergic. The time to go out to dinner or even slightly ... I usually spend but do not use cream powder and powder for children only clean fresh skin. Most importantly, cosmetic makeup, I was focused on makeup after the time to make up to preserve and protect their skin is always smooth.
- When the makeup she will choose their own makeup like?
- I dislike so much makeup on makeup should be natural and often very light, choose to use the safe cosmetics and skin much damage. But sometimes they appear important event or occasion, I will makeup than usual to make an impression.
Midu shared secret to keep the natural beauty
- To get in shape "mi nhon" as she's very sure have a diet?
- Fortunately, I rarely look fat diet should not need anything, more rounded shape so often in real life than I have in Figure 3 kg thinner. But I would love to exercise, work and exercise. I believe that is one reason I keep the body healthy and good shape.
- Her thoughts about dieting to lose weight?
- I think if you find it necessary diet, otherwise so limited anyway because dieting is not good for health, education and work. Rather than endure a lot of work and dieting why not try the next sport or shake every morning. You should set a reasonable diet, it reduced a bit but not too much dieting.
- Midu would think that one day you'll need cutlery technology to overcome the defects of the body?
- Now there are too many people to say their report should not edit yourself I want to say also that excessive fear of the audience and listen to boring lid. I am proud of the body that gave birth to her parents, should not and did not even intend to use cutlery embellished, trim and edit out even if it is an imperfect defect. I believe a simple thing like this, even if I edit all of her perfect body then can not be perfect, so there is no reason to suffer a lot of work and change.
Midu shared secret to keep the natural beauty
- According Midu woman how to be beautiful?
- The type of women I have two beautiful, beautiful one who is available, two are women who know how to make yourself beautiful. I like women who are intelligent, confident and sensitive and often exposed to such people I find them beautiful in a sexy, salty.
- Her outfit for his choice of how to more impressive in the eyes of those around them?
- Interestingly, I choose clothes according to moods, windy day and Lang are the streets wearing a long maxi, muggy day, the shorts, shirt pull, school, jeans and shirts, days do not like they wear dress shirt preoccupied mezzanine knee ... After all simply depends on your preferences.
- Do you have any advice for young people something to look good?
- Beauty and moderately safe, do not try to become someone, a strange beauty that is not myself.Korea is an example, people will always admiring the beautiful Korean girls very, very standard at all angles but one must recognize that the actress, singer looked just the same. So why not make a difference every precious beauty of each into a boring and general anesthesia? Please choose the smart way to beautify yourself but do not always particularly exhorted the masses to run the Normal Version!
Some beautiful pictures of Midu
Midu shared secret to keep the natural beauty
Midu shared secret to keep the natural beauty
Midu shared secret to keep the natural beauty
Nguyen Anh Thu
According to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications

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