Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Female students with a nightlife

8)"Movement" since this is frantic ... Part 3 of "Diary UK Gold." Curious as: "Where to go and see talked about, so that has not been witnessed," it is just a few mouse clicks, the room was able to "extract was curiosity." Since that day, no one seemed afraid to someone else, sometimes "dating" each other: "I new this movie down is very good, my room again tonight," Enjoy "offline."
Originally just a movie scene "hot", but gradually "level" start up, and she is also in ... "black site" nhoay nhoay. Normally, every night to reach such a new "active" because the dormitory rooms which sleep late, watch at that time for "safety."
Previously mentioned something to see "films for 3", "black site", people only think about male students. But now, female students are also "addicted" as usual, and a "collective view" was not so rare in the female dormitory. When pulled to take full internet room, where more open to thinking: "My daughter must see ... said," then the other female students "night" more often.
Last night playing "interesting"
There are many different reasons for a student section is "lobby" daily.
Luggage, first-year student school V 10 hours last night also took the car away, and rode my bike about 4-5 hours when the light is normal. Ly is the reason: "Before the third school, at home with their parents to go to 10 players have been called on, dear is bored bored. Now far from her parents, was a few years the "free", what crime did not "traditional." Ask a night where Ly, Ly said: "There is only" sugar glider "only, do not know where to go, but it is going to go."
"Birthday Night" is also "cool" by students. Kim, third-year students after school M: "The team we've played together, both sons and daughters, now there are plenty birthday before 11 pm. In young students, like shouting, stirring jubilantly, but I do have a place. Motel owners about the fear of rebuke, not all the rooms next door neighbor would not let stand. So every 11 hours, find a place to cool American-style house, free to do whatever they want. " Although Kim did not mention, but one can guess the "do whatever they want here," as alcohol, screaming, drinking "is not about getting drunk." Both boys and girls together, "until I" to the wharf, when the morning to drag on, sometimes even falling asleep ... "in battle" with each other.
With a "couple of students" is also another reason to "lobby". City and United, love is more than a year, then fall into the state "boring" place to play squash. How to "refresh love", they moved from "away day" to "lobby". Initially just to "create a new feeling, slowly, the night of" paradise ", because" like the world that only two people. " Of course, not always "go through", and go home when it was late, the problem also, so "Destination" was chosen as the ... somehow motels.
Night ... "useful"
Back also are the "night owls comment" other students, but they admitted that their "No waking up to the game useless, but it really intended."
On an escalating price, so that pockets of students are also increasingly "hell." Especially the big flood of first round Hanoi, spinach climbed to 20 thousand a mess, expensive food, the students were hungry ... story is common.
Too expensive, so Russia, inn at Lang Road, invites her roommate, 3-4 am to take the market cycle on the Cau Giay Dich Vong to buy vegetables and buy food for cheap. A few on the "neighbor" adjacent room, upstairs downstairs know thanks to buy household, so she went thought two things ... business. "Each" home "to send two vegetables, plus food, taking the price" gap "up a bit, still cheaper than buying retail bored near the house, so no one questions, they are also tens of thousands a that day. "
So, at any school at all are also low aromatic, yet went to bed was concerned up very early hours the following morning, between classes, most are asleep ....
Russians are proud of their "Take a good night," and yet, with students, when learning is still the top target, they earn tens of thousands a day, but always sluggish due to lack of sleep, and education would decline, night mode, the data "good" real?

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