Sunday, January 23, 2011

Marine Top "Road" Island mound volume

While intoxicated interview on stage, Top has "faux pas" reveal a mound of raw sexy Bong Island!
Today, on various forums has been the image of Marine Resources Top exposed mound on one side hold the island. These images are recorded at the party "superstar convergence" by Yeah1 held on the night 11 / 1 at the last Youth culture - TP. Ho Chi Minh.

Top Marine to attend this party as a special guest. Her face a long skirt very sexy green breeze fills his first round, fur coat jacket down one shoulder.
Top're drunk during the interview, interaction with the audience and "promote" a new drink product is too sexy dress has been thrust aside differences and to "reveal" the mound to hold a fullness of her island. The audience below the stage stand was "quick, quick to grab this moment faux pas and simultaneously posted on many websites today.

Thủy Top lộ hàng Khoe hàng
Top of sexual Marine Highway
Thủy Top lộ hàng Khoe hàng
Top seafood shipments
Thủy Top lộ hàng Khoe hàng
Thủy Top lộ hàng Khoe hàng
Thủy top và khoảnh khắc hớ hên
Marine top and faux pas moments ... ... ^ _ ^
Thuy Top khoảnh khắc "hớ hênh"...

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