Monday, January 24, 2011

Stranger Vietnam's Next Top Model

Stranger Vietnam's Next Top Model
Excessive fly, alien to the reality of fashion and the environmental characteristics of modeling in Vietnam is the comment from the audience and people in the profession about the program Vietnam's Next Top Model.
Is a reality television program by the Television Corporation and U.S. media organizations and Multimedia (produced according to format of Americas Next Top Model), Vietnams Next Top Model (VNTM) first appearance was made audience's tumultuous occupation, waiting.
Because in America, America's Next Top Model is viewed as the phenomenon of reality television, and the success of this program a resounding world. But when VNTM enrollment (no more frantic as the first real program to other U.S. - PV), and then broadcast the first episode (with the absurd situation, staged quite explicit), to the replacement Change the entire jury (as the face and name that reputation has not been a respected profession) ..., the program has shown a lack of attractive, lacks convincing, leading to information, public not very positive review on these forums, social networks.
So, it seems that after the noise was not very neat, the program gradually fell into silence, though still held regularly every week on VTV3. Ask many models, designers, or those who watch and love America's Next Top Model, most are unaware insurance, or watch the original file, but some do not monitored again for lack of appeal.
Indeed, though the program made famous, also foreign ê-team support with a team of designers, hair stylists in the country ... but maybe because the "substance" which is to create attractive class program, the contestants did not really make people see, people in the world feel they have enough qualities to begin the journey to become Top Model.
Vietnam's Next Top Model took place at Hotel InterContinental Asiana Saigon in 23.1 and was broadcast live on VTV3, with the participation of the contestants in the top 18 along with other famous singers.
The final 18 contestants are living together (in Vietnam), "the" recording 24 / 7, and spent a lot of hardship and horror ... to become a professional model.
It is the first lesson on how to perform on the catwalk are arranged on the rooftop of a hotel, shooting in the rain, makeup school and choose their own tastes, a diet for a professional model ... to create designs with "star" is a real concern to note, physical challenges: weight, heart rate training, performance wear thin snow -7 degrees in the house ... The "strong feeling" this matter Candidates may cause shock, shock, Mesmerized is because of glossy ... and fear, but the viewers do not seem "xi-light" whatsoever.
Conversely, the audience just feel the contestants, because they are the U.S., living in Vietnam, but must learn to live performances mimicking the content of the program originated in the U.S.. "The stereotyping, lack of creativity to suit the domestic industry has led the search for a model lost excitement and realism inherent need of a reality television program," he Nguyen Phuc, Company CEO commented PL model.

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