Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Shock" in front of the hot scenes with Dam Vinh Hung Ly Nha Ky ...

8)"Shock" in front of the hot scenes with Dam Vinh Hung Ly Nha Ky ...

"With Ly Nha Ky, is the most crash scenes, sexy ... But the most impressive underwater footage with Vu Thu Phuong, both naked, only wrapped in cloth, very sexy" - backstage after Mr Dam DVD to half moon .

"Cảnh nóng" của Đàm Vĩnh Hưng và Lý Nhã Kỳ trong clip Ngày không bình yên (Ảnh NV cung cấp)
After two years of uninterrupted for many events such as illness, directed by Huynh Phuc Dien, overwhelmed by the job ... Mr Dam DVD last half-moon also debut.
14 clips in the album is 14 stories, 14 separate paintings are combined to full competition by the narrator's mood became a Huynh Phuc Dien stories reflect the full gamut of life.
Audiences will enjoy many "hits" of Dam Vinh Hung like half moon, lost children, Day is not peaceful, happy end ...
Not only a record finishing time, many events, half-moon also set a record of investing money, effort and a DVD with many "scenes" with the fine people for "their guy goose Dam" . This album brings together a lot of beauty as the most famous showbiz Vietnam: Xuan Lan, Bao Hoa, Vu Thu Phuong, Ly Nha Ky, Anh Thu, Ngan Khanh, Tang Bao Quyen, Diem Chau, Bao Truc ...
Some scenes are "sensitive" from the album Half moon
Dam Vinh Hung said, with the beautiful scenes in the clip Ly Nha Ky is not peaceful on the "scene" the most impact, the most sexy. "Ly Nha Ky took" blood "so, like a real place. It was so much cutting of cultural catching scene, "Mr. Dam says.
This is a song so many memories with him. The first person he invited the U.S. to mind its own but for some reason, her "deep brown hair lip" has declined. "Emotional scenes as sensitive to Ly Nha Ky is the emotion I went through, the only thing on a new body", Dam Vinh Hung hinted.
But who makes the most impressive Dam Vinh Hung Vu Thu Phuong "underwater scene, we were all naked, only wrapped in cloth, very sexy. Place finish this scene, Vu Thu Phuong is always passed because too tired. "
Xuan Lan with the singer "ridiculous" the most famous supermodel took forever without success ... flip screen clip hand in the wind flap . In addition, working with the children, close friends, such as Bao Quyen Tang, group 5 lines, MTV group, The bells are fun ... full of meaning for him.
Dam Vinh Hung next to the beauty of the Vietnamese village of showbiz
Besides the sweet memories with the beauty of the Vietnamese village of showbiz, Dam Vinh Hung made no secret of feeling upset before demanding and extreme conditions of some beautiful people.
But above all, half moon and Mr. Dam has completely felt very satisfied. The album will be officially released on 28 / 4 to his confidence and his products certainly attract the attention of the audience.
After the album "heavyweights" of this, Mr Dam will soon unveil further release combined with "light music queen" Thanh Lam. He confessed, and nearly completed album, "sister" coming together very well. After the album release, Dam Vinh Hung also perform a mini show at the Opera House.
And if nothing changes, roughly in August to singer Dam Vinh Hung "play" to 3 great live show took place respectively in Hanoi, Haiphong and Danang. Special guest of the program is Thanh Lam, My Tam, Quang Dung, Ho Ngoc Ha, Le Quyen. More likely the presence of a few famous faces overseas ...

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